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Cryosite Family Cord Blood & Tissue Bank


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Banking your child’s cord blood and tissue stem cells at birth could potentially save or change their life.

Cord blood & Tissue banking provides an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collect and save the stem cells from your baby's umbilical cord for potential medical uses in the future. Cryosite has been providing Cord Blood Banking services for over 14 years.  In 2017 we remain totally committed to our goal of developing world class, science based, cord blood and tissue banking solutions and is the trusted choice of Australian families

Thankfully, the chances of your child developing a condition that would require a stem cell transplant are small, but should your child ever require a transplant of stem cells to treat a specific illness, cord blood saved with Cryosite will be immediately available and is a perfect match for them.

 Why choose Cryosite Family Cord Blood Bank:

When you are making a decision as important as saving your child’s cord blood, it is vital that you know about the company that you are dealing with. You need to be assured not only that the company has the necessary expertise the maintain the viability of your child’s stem cells for the next 25 years, but that the company itself will be there when you need them.

 Not all Cord Blood Banks are equal:

By choosing Cryosite, you have the confidence that comes with knowing your child’s cord blood is banked with the company that pioneered, and remains at the forefront, of private cord blood banking in Australia.

  • Cryosite was Australia’s first Family Cord Blood Bank and has provided cord blood banking services since 2002
  • Cryosite’s cord blood laboratories and cryogenic storage facility have been fully TGA licensed since 2002
  • Cryosite is the only cord blood bank publically listed on the ASX and therefore makes its long term financial position continuously available for public scrutiny
  • Cryosite is the only cord blood bank who can provide full clean room processing for your child’s cord blood
  • Cryosite is the only private cord blood bank to achieve NATA accreditation (ISO 15189 & ISO 17025)

Cryosite proves the viability of every cord tissue collected by isolating the valuable MSCs.  We provide parents with the peace of mind by providing photographic evidence to demonstrate that their baby's expanded stem cells are viable prior to storage.  Companies that simply freeze the umbilical cord cannot ensure that the cells banked are viable, which means you could be paying for nothing.  If your baby's tissue stem cells are not viable prior to storage we will let you know and refund your tissue fees.

 Get Started today: Visit or call a Cryosite Cord Blood & Tissue Educator on 1800 220 410.