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maternity hospitals

Maternity hospitals offer maternity care on a private (patient funded) or public (state funded) basis. Larger hospitals may offer facilities for private and public patients. Our listings have all types of maternity hospitals, and we have indicated if a hospital takes in private or public patients or both.

We have separate lists of midwife managed birthing centres offer a more natural 'at-home' style antenatal care, labour and birth. These centres emphasize minimal use of pain-relieving drugs during birth. Early enrolment is advised at these centres, since places are limited and are only available to low-risk pregnancies. Birthing centres are usually located near, or within, hospitals, so that those giving birth can have immediate access to any medical need that might arise.

If you're not sure what type of pregnancy care is best for you, head on over to our informative artice on Making the best Antenatal and Childbirth Choices for You

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