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Forum Enquiry & Parenting Help RequestsForum

If you need help with a parenting problem or just want to talk to someone, our friendly forum is there for you! Membership is free and you can post anonymously anytime of the night or day. There are always other members online to help, offer advice & friendship or just a shoulder to cry on. Register here!

For current forum users, please click on a link below to create an email with your request -

Logged in forum members are able to self-edit and delete their own posts.  If you need to delete the first post in a thread, or wish to comment on posts made by another member, please report the post to our forum members by clicking on the that appears in the bottom left hand of each post.  That will generate a report for any moderators who are online at the time to action. 


  • Add a listing - Please read our advertising notes and then login and apply for your listing.  If you do not have an account, please register for a free account first.
  • Suggest a listing - Email us and let us know the name and contact details or web address of the suggested listing.
  • Edit a listing - Please login and edit your listing – all details except category changes can be self-edited.  If you can’t login, see options below.
  • Delete a listing - Please email us.
  • Report a listing - please email us to advise of any changes required to listings that you don’t own.
  • Login issues -
    • if you know your login username, but you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset your password via the password reset page linked to from the business login page
    • if you've forgotten the login details for that listing, please email us
    • if you are the new owner of the business and you don't know the previous owner's login details, please email us
    • if you know your username and password, but are still having issues logging in, please check that you have activated your account (all new accounts must click on the activation link in the confirmation email that is sent immediately after registration).  Without activating your account, you won’t be able to login.  If you can’t find the activation email, please email us

We kindly request that you don't apply for a new listing as a way of updating a listing. We are happy to assist with all listing updates.

Blog Contributor EnquiryContributor

We welcome contributions to our site, though we do have some terms and conditions regarding contributed posts. We do not allow mentions of products or brands or outbound links in our contributed posts. If you'd like more information regarding submissions, please visit our blog contributors page. Only submissions following the procedures outlined on this page will be considered.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of a post on our site that is in the form of a sponsored post, which must be marked as advertorial, please visit our advertise info page for further information.

Research Request / Student Midwives & Student DoulasResearch

  • Research Requests - You are welcome to ask our forum members for assistance with genuine research requests.  There is a section of our forum set up specifically for research requests such as this. You are welcome to post your call-out for survey participants in that section of our forum.
  • Student Midwvies & Student Doulas - You are welcome to offer your services to our forum members. All services must be offered free of charge. There is a section of our forum set up specifically for offers from student midwives & doulas. Please post your request in that section of the forum. Please only post once and just in that section (multiple posts will be deleted).
  • How to Post - In order to post on our forum, you do need to be a registered member of our forum, however, this is free of charge and only takes a few moments to sign up. Register here.

We strongly recommend that you do not put your mobile phone number in your post and that, instead, you include a contact email address using spaces within the address – eg aperson @ (please remove the spaces if you wish to contact me)   Our site gets heavily indexed by Google and other search engines and including your email address in a conventional format can result in your email being scraped and used by external spam mailing lists.


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General enquiryGeneral

Please email us with your feedback or enquiry.

Press Releases and Requests for Product Reviews and GiveawaysPress Releases

Please email us with all requests for editorial, reviews and giveaways.

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