A simple yet fantastic idea for a small home compost/worm farm is to get a polystyrene box (i know i know, polystyrene!, but it IS recycling at least). You can get large ones used for transporting veges in from vege markets and the sort, sometimes they're free, sometimes 1 or 2 $$.
Poke some holes in the bottom and place it on the ground somewhere nice and shady on the dirt to allow worms to get to it, making sure one side is slightly higher than the other to allow worm wee to drain.
Put a layer of dirt/soil, say an inch or 2 and then start adding your vege scraps. Dont add meat or manure of a meat eating animal (worms dont like it). Avoid onion and citrus too.
Manure is good every now and then. Add a thin layer of soil each time you put a layer or scraps/manure on.
Keep the lid on, water every now and then or even better, pee on it once in a while (hubbys job), alternativly you can pour a little beer on top and the worms will love it. Turn once a week with a hand trowel. Eventually you will get beautiful organic chemical free compost to put into your garen. Nothing on the shelf can beat it!!
If you fill it too fast just get another box placing it on top and repeating the procedure.