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    Default The Green Thread-All about being green!

    Hi Bubhubber's. This thread has been created due to the growing number of member's who are concerned with our environment and the changes that are taking place. Some of you may have already visited the Earth Hour thread

    and the new Cool The Globe thread.

    You will find many helpful and informative sites at the sticky, set up to help people navigate their way around the huge issues we are facing at the moment. Thanks go largely to Pink Lady for her dedication to this cause and putting together this list of sites.
    So, if you have any ideas, queries, information to share or you are just curious and want to find out more, then this is the thread to come to.

    Here are some sites that may help you along on your green journey.

    Carbon Neutral
    Cool Aid
    Cool the Globe
    Earth Hour
    Energex - Environmental Solutions
    EnviroSaver Programme (NSW initiative)
    GreenHouse - Your Home (Fed gov't initiative)
    Lights Off
    Planet Ark
    Rising Tide Australia

    Updated and revised 10th April, 2008.

    Walk against Global Warming in your state!

    Connect with others in your area who are as passionate about climate change as you are

    Yummy organic wine!

    Support the Climate Protection Bill

    Stop Global Warming
    Victoria Green House Strategy
    Latest climate change update
    DIY Green Household Cleaners
    Green Energy Expo 2008

    Action Earth!
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