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    Default Low Progesterone & Oestrogen Levels

    hi all

    have just this last week been told by gp that i have low levels of progesterone & oestrogen being produced, which is why i am only getting af every 2nd month. dh and i have been referred to repromed (adelaide) and our first appointment is march 1st. i wondered if there were any of you out there who have found yourselves in the same situation with low levels of these hormones?

    i am interested to know what we can expect from our first appointment and keen to hear about what they can possibly do to help us ttc #1 .....

    @ first this news was devastating, but now am looking forward to our first appointment and i feel like the hugest weight has been removed from my shoulders. we've been ttc since oct 2006 but having unprotected "relations" since february 2006.

    surely i'm not the only one out there that's run into this little speed hump on the road to baby!

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    I go to Repromed in Adelaide as I have been diagnosed with PCOS and dont O on my own. I have 'baseline' levels which is probably how they would describe you.

    When you do have AF do you know if you are Ovulating? (you can bleed without Oing)...
    Have you ever suspected you have PCOS? (im sure there are other reasons people dont O regularly but im only familiar with PCOS!)

    Repromed are lovely, the nurses (who you will see mainly is you book on for any treatment) are fantastic. They are all caring and genuinly interested in helping you on your journey.

    Im not sure exactly what they will do, if they will try to look for an explination as to why you are not Oing regularly or not... they may well start you on Clomid to get you Oing regularly anyway. This involves taking a tablet for 5 days at the begining of a cycle (or as in my case with baseline levels and no cycle - you can start anytime!) and blood tests to monitor your hormone progress. when your estrogen is rising and they expect a folicle to have grown nicely you will have a scan to look and confirm. you will then either be left to O naturally or be given a trigger injection to trigger the release of the egg. you will then have a blood test or two after O to keep an eye on your progesterone levels...

    now of course i am no FS so dont quote me on any of that but thats basically how it went for me on Clomid.

    If you have any other questions about Repromed feel free to post here or PM me.


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