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    Default Won't Drink Water

    Hi there
    My DD is almost 7months old, and won't drink water. Whenever we try to give it to her she drinks 10mls at the most then clamps her mouth shut in disgust.
    The past few weeks she's been even less receptive, and won't drink any at all. I'm beginning to get a bit worried as she's on solids now and I don't want her to get dehydrated/constipated. She's formula fed (sma), and has around 5x 180ml bottles per day, on top of 3x meals of solids.
    Any advice you can offer would be great.

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    Default Reply: the pero clinic

    Dear Danielle13,

    It is great that you are trying to introduce your little girl to drinking water. Small amounts of cooled, boiled water can be offered from around 6 months.

    I would not be too concerned at this stage that she isn’t overly taken with the idea. It is encouraging to know that she is eating 3 solid meals and is having around 900mL of formula each day. As a guide, she should be having approximately 100mL of formula / kg weight each day. Your bub should be adequately hydrated from her formula.

    Continue to offer small sips of water to your daughter. Let her see you and others drinking and enjoying water. Avoid forcing her to drink it if she is refusing. She will become used to it after time, it she has regular exposure – even if it’s only 10 mL at a time.

    See your doctor or CHN if you have specific concerns about your bub being dehydrated. Signs include constipation, fewer wees, concentrated urine with dark spots, and lethargy.

    the pero clinic


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