I’m back!

Incredibly nervous, scared and excited l at the same time

I had DD1 through Monash as a FET. DD2 through The Fertility Centre as a fresh cycle. We now have 2 embryos left over from that cycle.

I’m booked in December for an initial GP appointment to discuss a transfer in Jan.

Anyone done a frozen cycle through The Fertility Centre recently and want to share their experience?

Do they do a natural cycle transfer? Or only a stimulated FET?

Anything else changed in the IVF world I should know about? Do you still need a police check?

Going to use the next 2 months to get as healthy and fit as possible as currently I’m only just scraping in their BMI cut off.

Any tips on 2 v 3? I absolutely want this bub but have also decided to only attempt these 2 FET and it they don’t stick our family will be complete.

Argh so excited and nervous.