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    Default Searching For Our Donor Angel

    About US
    We are a Caucasian married couple from Perth in Western Australia. We have been married for 16 years, but have been together for 25 years. Carrina is 47 and was born in Perth and Andrew is 54 and was born in the UK.

    We are both home bodies who enjoy growing our own garden produce, photography, stage shows and travelling when we can. We are both non smokers and only enjoy an occasional drink. We currently have two fur babies, a 13 year old dog and a 1 year old cat.

    We are financially stable and can provide a loving, caring and secure home.

    Our Journey so Far
    After years of trying to fall pregnant naturally, in 2018 we decided to go down the path of IVF. Our first round was unsuccessful, the second we achieved a pregnancy with twin girls, but unfortunately we lost the pregnancy to a rare chromosome disorder of Trisomy 10 at 7 and 8 weeks. This was extremely hard as it was the closest we had been to achieving our dream.

    We were both genetically tested after the loss of our twins and neither of us were found to be carriers of any genetic disorder.

    After 6 rounds of IVF, and nothing in storage our IVF journey at the time came to an end due to age and egg quality. This along with failed cycle tracking and natural fertility treatments, we changed clinics again and explored the options of donated embryos. With three attempts of FET again nothing would seem to work for us.

    So after researching and discussion with our current fertility specialist we are now here looking for a donor angel who would hopefully help us in achieving our dream. Carrina has always wanted to be a mum and we would both love the opportunity of realising this dream. If we were lucky enough to have children, they would be very much wanted and loved.

    Who We Are Searching For
    We are searching for a generous Caucasian donor angel who can help us achieve our dreams of having our own family. Although not critical, we would like someone who has been genetically tested or does not have any major health issues. With regard to timing, we are ready to go straight away.

    Location & Expenses
    We are currently located in the Perth Hills. We have most recently been under the care of Dr Thompson at Concept Fertility, we are happy to stay with him if we are successful in obtaining a donor.

    Expenses are no problem and we will be happy to take care of any and all costs involving our potential donor. As we are based in WA we would prefer our donor to be local as well due to the ongoing issues with boarder closures etc. But are willing to consider all options.

    We intend to be very open with our child from an early age with how they were conceived and why we needed a generous person to help us create something special.

    We would love to maintain contact with our potential donor on a level that we all feel comfortable with. We are happy to accommodate your preferences and would love to chat to you further about this.

    If you feel like you can help us achieve our dream of becoming a family. Please contact us on pinkrose6674@gmail.com

    Thank you for taking the time to read our ad

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    Good luck with your search.

    I too am taking the donor egg route, and have just found a lovely potential donor.

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    Good luck in finding your donor, they are truly amazing people


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