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    My class this year…I have 19 students.

    I had 4 of them who started at 4 years old. 3/4 struggle with literacy. Two of them were still crying for mum last term. One has had quite a few accidents in the class or on the playground. Nobody else has wet their pants. I have a February boy who was 4 when he started and an end of April girl who was 4 when she started (I taught her sister when she started school early too) and two 4 year old June boys My heart breaks for these boys. They are not ready for big school. They should be at home with their mum and playing instead of sitting and listening and trying to learn to read and write. I had 2 boys turn 6 in April, one turn 6 in May one girl and one boy turn 6 in June. Now my boy who turned 6 in June is one of my lowest but his brother has a moderate intellectual disability and I taught his sister who was quite low too. I knew the family so wanted him in my class and I suspected he would be on the lower end of abilities in the class.

    The February boy is very capable academically but very immature compared to others in the class. Ego centric. Has a tantrum when things don’t go his way and just not ready to listen and wonders why some of the others don’t want to play with him. It’s heartbreaking for him too. His parents were probably told he was ready because he is “smart” but he is definitely not ready in other aspects of school.

    My April girl also struggles with friendships and she still cries sometimes for mum. She also struggles with English and maths. Her sister was the same.

    3/4 of the 4 year olds are in my lowest group for reading and writing and two of them are really low in maths.

    My lowest in the whole class is one of the oldest (turned 6 in May) but he never attended daycare or preschool. This is a huge factor. There are other factors as well that contribute to this but can’t write them here. Couldn’t even hold a pencil when he did best start test.

    Now this is just my class this year but I could write nearly exactly the same thing every year. When we make up the classes after orientation we equally share children who start at 4 because we know they struggle in many aspects of school.

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    We are in NSW & DD is is starting kindergarten next year. Her birthday is the beginning of July. We could if started her this year but chose to wait till next year where she would be 5 turning 6. All the kids from her preschool going to the same school as DD are all 5 turning 6 also. My mum started me at 4 & there was 6 of us all the same age in my class, we all ended up repeating year 1. I personally think 5 turning 6 is a better age but that’s just my opinion. As I said we could of started DD this year, she is more then ready but I just felt 4 was too young to start.


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