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    Default Private Health Insurance

    I'm trying to navigate private health insurance and not quite understanding how all of this works. I've read that the insurer will only pay out to associated providers. How do you know if a provider is recognised by the health fund? Do I have to call each one and ask?

    How does top tier cover fare overall? Is it a waste of money? Am I better off weeding through the myriad of options? I'm not sure what happens if something pops up and I need coverage for that. Is an upgrade easy or does it reset a waiting period?

    What about the % back. Have you found a higher percentage cover worth the added cost?

    Is anyone with Bupa, AHM or Medibank? Any preferences? They are all waiving the 2 and 6 month waits, so I'd like to choose between the 3.

    Thank you.
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    We are with Australian unity, I know it's not one you've mentioned.

    We only have basic extras. We get 60% back.

    For us, we can use for example, any dentist and get 60%, so say we get a tooth removed for $200, they scan our card, then we pay the balance ($80). However if we use *their* approved dentist there's no gap, and we would pay nothing (up until we hit the cap for what they will pay)

    It is great with chiro, they also accept our health care card. Full fee= 70, hcc=40, minus phi 60%= about $16 out of pocket.

    I hope that helps explain that...


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