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    I would say they couldn't and not so much they wouldn't. Both of those situations sound like they are anxiety driven - the urge for the child to leave once their safety net does, indicates that somewhere in their gut instinct they feel unsafe. Unfortunately there could be a number of reasons as to why that might be the case. Some kids are naturally more anxious than others and some only freely participate once they've observed the situation enough to know how it all runs/what to expect.

    Is your sibling worried about your niece or nephew? I'm guessing they probably have an inkling that their child is on shyer side as they are quick to intervene.

    In another comment you mentioned that were an introvert. Well high five lovely cause I am too.

    There is a small chance that your niece/nephew might also be introverted and this isn't something you or even your sibling can change. It's something your niece or nephew will have to navigate on their own terms, if they feel being introverted is disruptive or not beneficial to their existence... Although I've never met an introvert who was truly unhappy being one.

    The best you can do is continue to be a source of comfort to this child. Try not to express disappointment when they can't respond or participate as this will only further alienate them from you. If it is anxiety, once they see that you too can be a safe spot free from judgement, they will open up to you. You just might end up being their favourite auntie ever.
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