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    Default TMI - Look away if queasy. Experience with rectal bleeding?

    Last night I noticed a fair bit of dark/maroon coloured blood in the toilet bowl. The blood was on the bottom of the toilet bowl, but it also seemed to be embedded into the stool itself. There was no blood floating on the surface.
    The night before last, I noticed the same colouring in the toilet bowl but brushed it off. Now I realise that I had bled with that bowel movement too.

    I have about 4 large internal hemorrhoids that become external/are pushed out with every bowel movement. It doesn't matter if I strain or not. I checked following a shower and I don't have any cuts on the hemorrhoids, but one has turned blueish. I didn't feel a single sting when washing afterward (I washed straight after), so I don't think there was a cut.

    Anyway, a google search will tell me that darker blood is often higher up in the colon or small intestine and it's usually a little more serious than hemorrhoids, but google isn't always right, so... If you've made this far and have still managed to hold onto your lunch, tell me about your experience with rectal bleeding/hemorrhoids. I'll be seeing the GP tomorrow as I'm sure I'll have to do a stool test, but in the mean time please humor me because I'm trying not to worry about this.
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