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    Default Bfp complete surprise

    Hi everyone, so some of you may remember me from the IVF groups after struggling to conceive DD2 for 4 years, 7 medicated injectable cycles, several IUI's, 7 IVF cycles and lots of frozen cycles- a very long and tiring road. DD2 is now 3 and a half and every since she was born my periods which were non existent due to PCOS returned naturally and pretty regular apart from 3-4 cycles where I ovulated late. We always wanted another child but thought we had no chance with our history.
    That was until last month when my period didn't turn up when expected. I honestly didn't even consider I could be pregnant at first and put it down to another late ovulation. Two weeks went by and I was feeling sick but put that down to my allergies. On Friday I decided to take a test and hunted all over the house for an old internet cheapie which turned out to be out of date. I took the test regardless and two lines came up instantly, I was in shock but it honestly made sense. I confirmed it again yesterday morning with an in date frer test.
    I am going to the dctrs today any way with DD2 so my plan is to ask then for a confirmation blood test. I need advice though what do I also ask for? I need reasurrance due to my history. I know I need my progesterone checking to make sure I don't need progesterone support. I was going to ask for a second hcg blood test in several days to check for doubling but I have now read online that if I am 6 weeks then my numbers may take longer to double is this right? I am hoping I can be referred to an ob quickly to check everything out, I was on an immune protocol with DD2 presume all these bases might need covering again? Also will I be give an early scan? I have had a blighted ovum in my past too, need to know all is good. Sorry for my ramblings finding this all very confusing and don't feel I fit in the celebratory bfp threads as I am so cautious plus don't fit in IVF groups although feels as nervous as the ladies there. Also now aged 40 so have added complications there.
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