Hi all

My 3 year old is ready cognitively in that she is relatively advanced intellectually, knows what the potty is for and sometimes will poop on potty. when we get her to do it we give her treats and praise etc.

but for the most part she appears to prefer to poop in her pull up nappy, she seems to have no problem walking round witha poopy nappy. recently she pee'd on her self and the sofa (nappy was too full so leaked out) and she sat there blissfully. she seemed unconcerned with the fact that she was relatively wet.

we are considering taking 3-4 days and taking her nappy off and just following her around the house, if she wont go to potty when she is pooping or peeing maybe the act of doing it on herself without the protection of a nappy will convince her the toilet is a better proposition than doing it on herself.

she was 3 in april.