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    Default Radical toy storage

    Like every parent, we have an ongoing battle with toys. We try as much as possible to have a one in, one out policy and declutter before birthdays and Christmas but we are still overwhelmed by toys. Often it’s a large collection of one thing, like lots of lego / duplo, barbies / accessories, sylvanian families, baby dolls. The kids play with all of it but it makes so much mess due to the sheer volume of it and it’s an ongoing battle to get them to tidy it. Just wondering if anyone has any radical toy storage ideas, rules, hacks, so we can get on top of it. I’d be very happy to get rid of 75% of their toys but I can’t see them agreeing to it. Help!

    Edit - I just walked into DDs bedroom and feel like I’m going to cry. I hate going into her bedroom so much because of the mess. I make her tidy it every single day and she does, but then it gets so incredibly messy within an hour. I’m constantly on edge in my own home.
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    I would love to cull our toys too.

    I'm currently looking at 2x90L tubs, stacked ontop of that have not been opened in at LEAST 6 months, so I maintain they wouldn't miss them, but I just can't get rid of them.

    I'm ok with large collections of things.

    We have A LOT of Lego, duplo, train set etc that I keep in tubs under ds1s bed. They know they can bring out a tub, but a 2nd can't come out until the first is back under the bed.

    That's about my only strategy that works.

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