I know this is a sensitive issue, I'm not out to debate if, when, how much...

I'm just curious for those that do, how do you?

My 10yo is repeatedly (constantly) asking for minecoins, or robux, or whatever other game purchases he wants and its getting ridiculous. He doesn't grasp that these things actually cost money and if we were to fulfil every request we'd be homeless and broke.

I'm over constantly saying no, and explaining that he maybe got $15 3 hours ago for a game so we aren't going to do another 3 or 10 or whatever. Of course he's becoming upset over it 🙄

So I'm thinking we should try to formally introduce a pocket money system, where he can use it for these things, but also learns once it's gone, it's gone... and that's it. But also to help him learn to save.

We've got an account we opened him as an infant we put money into every pay that I'd rather he not have access to just yet.

Has anyone used spriggy? What do you think?Or is there other ones like it available??