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    Quote Originally Posted by amiracle4me View Post
    Oh gosh.. your good! My DD has been setting the table every night for about a year but I’m keen to get her to help me clear it once she turns 6. She doesn’t do anything else as religiously tho. She’s a tall kid so I think I forget how small she really is at times. It’s only when I see her tiny Kindy peers that I realise It’s still a fine line between making them responsible and expecting too much.. gah. So hard all this stuff!
    I read the Barefoot Investor Family thing on pocket money at the same time I was reading "50 risks to take with your kids" and kind of combined some of the ideas. Letting them do some basic tasks, no matter how badly done, and then rewarding the work with pocket money.
    My DD is also tall (she's in size 7 clothes) so often also has expectations on her to be more mature than she is. I try to always remind myself she's only just turned 5.

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    Default Pocket money?

    I really like Sarah Ockwell-Smith’s article on pocket money. She says it shouldn’t be linked to chores because then kids will only do things for rewards and if you ask them to do something they’ll be like “how much will you give me if I do it?”

    Oversimplification but that’s the gist. She doesn’t tie to to behaviour either, pocket money is unconditional. Have a Google, I don’t think I’m allowed to put the link on here.

    My oldest is 3 but I think I’ll start pocket money at 4. I think starting early makes them learn the value of money early. Not to say yours can’t learn now OP, I guess it might just take a bit more perseverance.

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