Ok well husband is having payment cut due to not having lived in australia for 4 years yet. They gave us the payment at the beginning of covid with no information about it being cut off in April etc. now we are told it will be cut and we will be back to $1000 to support 4 people. Its sooo stressful and finding work where we live is impossible ( he isnt the kind that sits back and does nothing he applies to every job he sees and also searches all week not just doing the required limit. We cant move either 20+ people applying and bidding on rentals everywhere and also just started a lease. Sooo lost right now everything crossed he gets a job before the cuts or we will have to go and get trapped in his country for the next few years sooo tough why did they start his payment (waiving all waiting periods) to cut it why not just start with any new immigrants same as its always been ( not saying we weren’t grateful but to be cut mid covid no changes pr improvements on the job front or the border control front we have lost all hope