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Thanks everyone for the response.

I started trying to stash some before her first session on Friday and DP had to give her some today so all I have is 190ml across 2 bags

Slightly stressed but hoping I can get a bit more before she attends.

I’m hoping she will eat while she is there so I don’t need to worry too much about her milk intake for this day.
How would you feel about expressing at work, is there somewhere appropriate for you to do it?

If you can and are happy to do that, you can send what you've got with her, then express at work on that day, freeze it for her next childcare day. Does that make sense? That way you don't have to find a time to express at home (hard with a baby), and you always have enough for the next childcare session.

My DD2 would never accept anything but boob, so I'd express and send milk, which they'd then throw out lol.