For those who have been through similar I'd love your tips or reassurance.

My son (2 and a few months) is in a Spica Cast after breaking his femur. He's either on the couch or in the stroller. He isn't able to get around on his own. He has approx 5 weeks left and is incredibly frustrated with his situation. His speech is delayed so that's not helping his situation.

I've had to cut his daytime nap because it was taking hours to get him to sleep at night. He's just not burning any energy.

He's bored and frustrated. Which is frustrating for me too. He's yelling and screaming a lot. Wants me to take off his Cast etc.

I keep telling myself that this will pass but it's hard being 32 weeks pregnant and trying to pack the house to move (plus having 2 other children as well).

Any amazing tips to cope?