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    Default PSA - Antenatal expressing

    I just really wanted to share this, hopefully I’m allowed (mods please delete if not , or move to a better area)

    Hand expressing is something I think all breastfeeding mums should know how to do. Often it’s hard for women (and their male partners) to understand breast anatomy and how best to express. I mean how many of you have seen the midwife/LC whip out the good old crochet breast I’ve just seen haakaa have released colostrum collector syringe things and the accompanying video on how to use them gives a great example of how to hand express. This is not a post selling the haakaa things, I’ve never used them and only found out about them about 10 mins ago, but I am very pro antenatal expressing, especially when there are babies with risk factors (IUGR/SGA/LGA, GDM just to name a few). Obviously antenatal expressing should be done under guidance from your care provider as there are some conditions in pregnancy where expressing is not recommended.

    Here is the link for the video on hand expressing (and the haakaa collection things).

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