Would love some advice. Long story short, my cousin whom I am really close with has been struggling with infertility for years. I recently have fallen pregnant after about six months of trying. She has just undergone her first round of IVF and finds out in two weeks if she is pregnant.

If she is pregnant, I’m a little unsure of how to tell her. She will tell me straight away if she is. I’m wondering should I tell her at the same time as she tells me or wait a bit longer to give her her ‘moment’

I’m worried either of these things will happen...

If I tell her at the same time I am worried she will feel like I’ve taken the attention away from her.

And if I don’t tell her I’m worried when she later finds out, she’ll be offended that I didn’t share my news but she did.

Wonder if anyone has been in her shoes and what they would have preferred?

If she isn’t pregnant, I am going to wait a bit longer to tell her to give her some time to process it all.

I just want to do what is best for her