I have a robertsonian translocation so a really high chance of MC/abnormalities and also have one child. I had 2 MC before getting pregnant with her.

Im also an only child...and I hated it. I liked it till around school and then it became obvious that all my friends had an inbuilt mate..no matter how often they argued, they were there. In my teens I liked it but in adulthood again I hate it as my adult friends all have their siblings still..theyre still close and their siblings have kids so their kids have cousins..and holidays are more fun for them.

Ive decided to try and give myself a solid year to conceive number two. IF its meant to be it will be but at least I know I tried. I know that if I dont conceive a second , DD will be fine.. but I would love 2, not just for her but for me too.

Im taking this on as a bit of a warrior..kind of prepared for battle.. not as a woe me what will my life look like now which is where I was when I was trying for DD.. the idea that I may never be a mum killed me..but I AM a mum..and DD fulfils me SO much.. so I will try but stay fulfilled and fully enjoy my DD in the process.