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    Default Messy kids

    So I have a question, how do you deal with a messy kid, I’m not talking about just not picking up the toys but a genuinely messy/disaster zone type of personality.
    My oldest is the messiest kid ever, She wasn’t always but now she has her own room and she loves crafts and making things and creating which is fantastic but her room is out of control. She’s collecting boxes and any type of material that she could use to create, she has pens and pencils and bits of everything, she picks up rocks and leafs and flowers and just holds on to them, she is unbothered by grossness ... said flowers weltering and such in her room.
    My only saving grace so far is that she doesn’t mind that every now and then I get in there and tidy up everything.
    I’m worried it’ll be part of her personality and she’ll be a slob as an adult!

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    I also have one of these beautiful souls. I just let her be... I trust she’ll find the balance that works for her in life.

    We do talk about keeping yucky mess at bay though, so no food or drinks left in there and regularly emptying the trash.



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