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    Sorry I should clarify, she already had a DS from a donated egg from my other sister. So she just decided her happiness bucket was full. Like you, too many cycles broke her. But it does only take one. The cycle that made my nephew had 15 eggs, only 1 fertilised. The others didn’t even start the race. They transferred day 3 as there was nothing to be gained by waiting. And it worked!

    Is the sperm fresh or frozen?
    Wow that’s really promising to hear! It’s so hard to stay positive & think the 1 they transferred is going to be the one when you hear the others have all stopped growing...I believe that’s why they transferred my only embryo at day 4 this time because there wasn’t anything to lose trying. Confirmed today it hasn’t worked though 😞
    Sperm has been fresh every cycle...but I’m really wanting them to do the DNA test on the sperm next time. I’ve also booked in for acupuncture & was going to ask the nurses what dose of CoQ10 to take. Hopefully we can try another fresh cycle in a few months & it will make some difference....

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    I have had a similar experience.. ask for DHEA. I wish I had of asked for it earlier, coq10 did nothing for me..

    I have endo and slight male factor ... we suspect egg quality

    Ivf #1
    13 eggs, 7 mature, 4 fertilized 2 day 5 A grade embryos
    53.8% maturity
    57% fertilised
    2% stopped growing
    Transfer 1 - chemical
    Transfer 2 - negative

    Ivf #2
    16 eggs, 6 mature, 6 fertilized, 1 normal PGS
    37.5% mature eggs
    100% fertilised
    16% normal
    Transfer - negative

    Ivf #3 - long cycle
    6 eggs, 2 mature, 2 fertilised, 1 kept growing
    33% mature, 100% fertilised, 50% stopped growing
    Transfer - chemical

    #1 - natural preg no ivf - m/c 7 weeks
    #2 - natural chemical
    #3 - nothing
    #4 - natural chemical
    #5 - natural chemical

    I am about to go back for ivf with dhea.


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