Hey wise ones.

My beautiful 5mth old son has torticollis and had since developed a severe flattening in one side of his head ( plagiocephaly ).

We have been seeing a paediatric physio and the tort seems to be improving a lot but his heads very asymmetrical. I’m doing all the right things re: positioning and he’s rolling and getting lots of tummy time. My GP is lovely but a little dismissive of his flat head.

Can someone please recommend a relevant Osteo, paediatrician and orthotist in the Sydney ( ideally inner west ) area? I’m keen to get a second opinion ASAP as it’s stressing me out and making me very worried

We were seeing an osteo a while ago and she was really unprofessional so I’m after one that’s a bit more mature and has lots of experience with torticollis

Thanks so much in advance