Hello all,
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year and you’re all coping with the ongoing covid crisis.
The reason for my post is that my partner and I are in need of a new donor.
We originally had a donor and everything was going perfectly. We went through all the blood and semen tests, ultrasounds, medication trials, counselling and genetics testing.
We were on the brink of paying the egg management fee to the egg donor team which the next step would be egg collection.
The only problem is that we received a call just before Christmas from the egg donor team to tell us that they had crucial information about our donor that we had a legal right to know.
Our donor had disclosed to the genetics Counsellor that she is stage 1 bi-polar and has a hereditary history of depression. 😟
When we first found our donor and we were finding out about each other, we asked if she had any medical conditions that we need to be aware of and she said that she has a history of diabetes and that was it.
We then informed her that I already have a daughter who has Aspergers and we had a very hard time with her growing up and we personally would not want to go through that again if we can help it.
She agreed and said there was nothing else we needed to know.
So we were upset and a little miffed to find out she had kept this from us all this time.
After speaking with the genetics Counsellor ourselves, we thought it best if we and our donor part ways.
We don’t want a perfect baby as we know they don’t exist, but for us, after we found out how hard bi-polar is to live with, we thought it best to look for another donor.
So here we are again, nearly a year and a half later, hoping to find that lovely lady who will donate her eggs to us. 🙏🙏
Sorry for the long post 🙂