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    Quote Originally Posted by EnchantedGrace View Post
    I would just discuss it with your team. Only they can say if they will or won't, however It's very likely being public unless you NEED one for medical reasons you'll get one.

    If you're 100% dead set that's the only way you wish to birth, you should probably take out PHI to ensure you get the birth experience you want. To give you the choice you want/guarentee you your right to choose.

    I have had 3 csections - because I HAD to, no complications from them, fast recovery, minimal pain....I've been incredibly lucky. However. I would give anything to have had a vaginal birth instead.

    It IS major surgery. It DOES still take a toll on you. There ARE extra risks - not just for you - also your baby. It could have breathing issues after birth because it wasn't delivered naturally among others, and need to go to Special care.

    Keep in mind you've just had major surgery so you can't just walk over and check on them. You can't see or touch them. You can't hold them, and if you intend to breastfed, you miss out on that first feed (very important) and instead will be hand expressing (or the midwife can).

    Be prepared that when there's no one around and if your baby is in its bed and cries, there's nothing you can do but buzz the nurse and sit and listen to them screaming unto they get there to you - because you can't just get up and pick them up due to the major surgery you've just had, the catheter that may still be in, wound drainage, iv, and whatever else you're hooked up to...

    Anyway... there are just a few things many people don't consider until they're there. It's not pretty, nor something I'd do by choice
    Sorry EnchantedGrace but some of this is inaccurate.

    I went self funded in a private hospital because I wanted to see my own OB and my hospital were very much all for skin on skin asap and breastfeeding within an hour of birth.
    It depends on your hospital and there are absolutely some that support all those things.
    I agree with all the others though that if it's not for medical reasons why should the tax payer fund the surgery? Sounds blunt but that's how I look at it. I chose to see my OB and have an elective C section so I paid to be in a private hospital.

    I would also suggest self funding in private or having phi so your partner can stay with you, it's extra support, help after your surgery and even more important is that they can bond too

    All the very best
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