I'm sorry you're experiencing this. Ididn't face myself, though we used OE twice with IVF. (Ended up withpassing DE IVF in Eastern Europe). Just read and couldn't go withoutanswering, as the path is really hard and challenging.
There are so many reasons which cancause delays in treatments. The hardest is to make it to the initialconsultation with the clinic. I mean there are so many reproductivecenters worldwide that it's really difficult to make head or tail ofhow the process will go in this or that clinic, how much it willcosts, whether there may be any of the complications etc. Peopleusually get perplexed with all those loads of information they readonline. But what strikes me is that there are so many of us thinkingsurrogacy is immoral etc.! While some are trying to find ways out ofputting the end to childless living, others do judge them! I cannotunderstand why. Why one can give birth to a healthy child and thenthrow it into the sump, because she doesn't want this baby?! Andstill another one who've been fighting for years, but eventually getsanother failure and again is looking for some inner strength to keepon moving?! Why all this happens this way?!!! Some ''smart'' woman onanother fertility board told there are 7 billion people on earth. Soshe thinks infertility to some couples does regulate thisquestion..Can you believe this?!