I’m at a crossroads. We have two kids. We have been lacking emotional connection in our marriage and I feel I have lost trust and respect due to his anger management issues. He gets easily irritated and frustrated, and sometimes belittles me or dismisses me when I express my hurt. He says this is because I have blocked him out and shot him down emotionally which I guess is true.. every now and then he has an all out temper tantrum which he did on the weekend over me pranging the car. He had been drinking (not that that’s an excuse!!). He called me a stupid idiot, told me to F off and that I didn’t live there anymore and I could move out. He then locked me out and then continued to rage inside kicking a chair over. Of course he was very apologetic the next, has thrown out all the alocohol and has agreed to see a specialist. The thing is I was working with a lack of respect and trust before this episode now it feels like there’s none left to move forward. During the incident I did move with my kids entire to my parents house. I have asked if he will move out while I get some headspace and he refuses and said he will spiral and wants to save our marriage. I will have one hell of a fight on my hands if I decide to leave him. Plus I’ll be on struggle street. But will feel happy not to be living in what’s becoming a loveless marriage. What do I do. Do you think his recent temper tantrum/abusive episode is a deal breaker?my kids are happy enough and he would never hurt them and we have a great life otherwise. We have worked hard to get to where we are and would lose everything financially if we supersets but I just don’t know if I can or should go on given his tendencies to verbal abuse. What would you do in my position?