It’s been very emotional to learn we need the help of a generous, caring angel willing to share the miracle of little angels.

This news came right after our home burned to the ground in the Cudlee Creek bushfires. So we’re really hoping to make 2021 our year of joy.

It's really important to us to find an angel with similar values.

As Mum and Dad, our kids will be cherished to within an inch of their lives. Being born in the luckiest country in the world, they will be raised to understand the great privilege they enjoy. We will explain how Mum and Dad believe that with great privilege comes the obligation to give back and to make the world a better place.

Dad’s career is dedicated to furthering the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. They couldn’t possibly hope find a more loving, dedicated full-time Mum.

To ease the pain of needing help, we’re hoping to find the closest “match”. Ideally, our angel with the kind heart will:
  • be equally intelligent, generous and caring as Mum
  • have a similar family background (Northern European ancestry) with blonde hair (just to look as much like Mum as possible)
Should we be lucky enough in the end to be able to help someone else, we would consider that in a heart beat (if and as agreed).

Is there an out there? We would be so humbled and grateful to hear from her.