Hi, my son has 1 more appointment left for his Autism assessment. Yesterday was a 3 hour appointment with the Paediatrician and Psychologist. They said he has lots of Autism traits but they are not sure if it will be enough to diagnose him with Autism. Now, I don’t understand this. He is quite clearly not a ‘normal’ child, which they said in different terms. I know a few people who have kids on the spectrum and they don’t have half the trouble I have with my son day to day. Why do I not hear the boy next door to us who is on the spectrum screaming and melting down?! I’m sorry I am just so sick of this! My son seems to never meet the criteria but I simply need help, as I don’t know how to parent him well anymore. They want him to have speech and psychology but how the hell do they think I will afford this as a single parent?! What do people do if they can’t afford the care for their kids and can’t get funding?? Am I supposed to just let my son possibly become worse because I’ve done what I can parenting wise and he’s had OT. The Drs said yesterday it may be due to his neurosurgery he had because he hasn’t been the same since. Surely I can get some help because of this. It’s a medical condition that he will problems from for life. I have applied to NDIS and they have denied. Arghh just so frustrated. Feel so alone in this at the moment, as my friends have children with no problems. You have all been amazing on here in my past posts, thank you.