This happened to me. I was menstruating and ovulating and had no menopausal symptoms except irregular periods sometimes shorter or longer or sometimes 28 days. I took Synarel from cd21 for a down regulation cycle and got the menopause symptoms within days but had to change to decapeptyl due to severe symptoms related to vision and my eyes. I commenced stimming drugs but had a cancelled cycle because my ovaries didn’t respond and then ceased decapeptyl but my ovaries remained suppressed and blood tests revealed I had post-menopausal estrogen and progesterone. My hormones were perfect before I started synarel.

Ceasing decapeptyl didn’t I suppress my ovaries and months later I was told I had reached menopause and they want me to believe it was natural and it wasn’t.

The FS didn’t even report it to the drug companies but I did and I have found evidence online that this is a risk for a small percentage of women but I was not advised and had I known I never would of had a down regulation cycle.

I would love to hear from other women who this may of happened to and also encourage all women to question their fertility specialist about the chances of it happening and could I ask that you provide comment about what they said.

Thank you GL