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    @PinkChicken, I can very much relate to your story - we were in the same boat exactly, but our relatives are in Europe so we knew we would have no support. We had a lot of reasons for not starting a family earlier including the fact that we didn't have stable jobs nor long term residency, and had moved to five different countries within the span of 13 years. Then at the age of 40 (me) and 48 (him) we decided to give it a go. Time flies. I am now 42 and have had 5 failed pregnancies since and no living children. What I am trying to say is - don't delay your decision for too long as it's not really a pick and mix, it might be that it's not that easy to get pregnant successfully anyway so better get started earlier rather than later. Also, when you do start trying, do make sure you're both in the best physical state as it might make things easier. And finally, if you're worried about being a carrier I can highly recommend doing the Prepair test: https://www.vcgs.org.au/tests/prepair. It cost about $500 but it's worth it if you want to know what you're in for.
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    Thank you all, some great points, more thinking to do!! Xx


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