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    Default Is there light at the end of the regression?

    Hi all,
    Ds2 is four months old today and I'm pretty sure the regression has hit us. I'm breastfeeding him before bed and can usually put him in his cot with his eyes open and he'll drift off to sleep. He was waking once a night, sometimes twice.
    All of a sudden he's waking hourly (or more) from 730 til 1130. I know I shouldn't, but I feed him back to sleep each time. If I don't, the crying escalates and I don't want him waking my four year old ds1.
    I guess my question is, did your child go through the regression and eventually went back to their old sleeping habits? I'd like to continue feeding him back to sleep and I'm hoping that this is just a phase which will pass. I don't want to sleep train and I feel that if I tried the old "pat him back to sleep" method it would just end in tears and it would be like I was sleep training him anyway.
    I've read that this is a permanent change in their sleeping habits, but I'm hoping that there are people out there who went through it and it was temporary! Or am I just kidding myself?

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    No way is it permanent - most babies go through it, mine did - same as yours, waking hourly. I always fed before sleep - she grew out of that once she was on solids.

    I was painfully exhausted during that time and negative thinking tends to set in as a result - you wonder if this will be your life forever lol but it just stops as suddenly as it started.

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    Dd went into the 4 month sleep regression as a baby that slept through the night from 7 to 5. She is 2 in a few days and I’m still waiting for her to come out of it. We’ve had 1 complete sleep through til 620 in the morning and a few nights til 430 but Waking multiple times. My maternity leave is over I am dreading work

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    I was in the exact same boat! My DD1 unfortunately didn’t increase sleep times between wake ups after the regression hit and we were up 2-hourly feeding to sleep.

    By the 6 month mark I was so incredibly exhausted and mentally drained I couldn’t keep it up.

    I was not prepared to go the whole hog and CIO but read up on Ferber and sleep studies and chose to do a modified version (reduced time between check ins) to suit what I was comfortable with.

    I was amazed at how quickly DD responded! She cried a total of 40 minutes between check ins until I considered her ‘trained’ over 3 nights. I calculated more tears were shed in the previous 2 months with wake ups!

    I chose to continue with 1 overnight feed because I didn’t want to give up those nighttime moments just yet and continued until 8 months, at which point I used the same method to teach her to sleep through the full 12 hours.

    DD is now 19 months and required no further help from me to get through any more of the regressions.

    Obviously you do what’s best for you but this was my experience. Good luck!

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    Default Is there light at the end of the regression?

    It does get better! Just give those feeds if that’s what settles him and gets you both even a tiny bit more sleep! It lasted about 2 months for us and it was so hard but bubs has so so much going on in that little brain and body those extra feeds are also comfort for them during a really huge time!

    It is a permanent change as their sleep cycles change completely. It isn’t permanent in the sense that they keep waking hourly. They just need a little time to work out how to link the new sleep cycles

    Remember feeding to sleep is the biological norm for an infant, there is nothing wrong with it. Boob is not just food for a baby.
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