Hi everyone,

I recently had a miscarriage at the end of April this year. This was my second miscarriage.

6 weeks after the miscarriage, I realised I hadn't had a period (assumed it was normal as my body was adjusting) but did a test anyway. Came back very positive.

Since it was post MC we have no idea of dates, or when I ovulated or conceived. So it's been a long few weeks.

I have had a number of blood tests taken (below)
7th June - 766
10th June - 2,893
12th June - 7,500
18th June - 23,018
22nd June - 39,515

So they were doubling well to start but in the last week they are rising but more on the 96 hours plus mark.

I have had one scan during this period (15th June) and they found two sacs, that they believe are gestational sacs with yolk sacs - too early to see anything else. One of the sacs looks good (according the scan report) and the other is a little bit irregular so we have a follow up scan this Thursday to see whats going on.

Do my HCG numbers seem normal? I'm worried that they aren't increasing as much in the last week or so.....

I've read a bit that once they hit 6,000 they start to not double as much.

Any info would be great!