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    Default Getting 3 year old to sleep.

    Hi all,
    After a bit of advice for my 3 year old who won’t sleep. He hates a day sleep and is practically forced each day to rest. He Does sometimes sleep but other days he will often get up and start undressing himself and pulling all his clothes out of his cupboards. Of a night time regardless of a nap or not he is a struggle to get to bed and wakes up at least 5 times during the night. I have also noticed he talks and sits up in his sleep. This has been happening for around 2 months now and I have noticed a massive change in his behaviour along with it.
    He is a very spirited kid and very active throughout the day so a day time nap I feel is important.
    He has a 3 month old sister and I expected some regression with behaviour once she was born but any help you can give me will be appreciated.
    Thank you!

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    My son was exactly like that and gave up his day naps at 26 months. His night sleep turned to crap then too.

    What worked with my son was getting him out of the house every morning and go to the park, for a bike ride etc. to burn energy. He needed to get out to let off steam. Then he would be ok to come home, eat lunch and relax in front of the tv whilst I got some down time too. Sometimes if I knew he really needed to nap I would take him for a drive after lunch and he would fall asleep in the car.

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    DS stopped napping almost to the day he turned 3. So did DD. They just didn’t need it, never napped again, never fell asleep in the car etc.
    He went through a little period of waking in the night and the technique which worked for him was to go in and check on him, tell him I was going to the bathroom and I would be back shortly, so I’d take the time to use the toilet and have a drink of water, and most of the time he was asleep by the time I went back to him.


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