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    Default Lack of Luteal Support

    Hi everyone.. after 10 years of IVF we have just had one of the worst things happen. our last embryo (from the 5 year you're version of my now 43 year old self) PGD tested - all looking good , immune drugs on par.. it was sowing HCG from 3 days after the 5 day transfer.. Turns out my clinic did not relay the correct dose of Progesterone to me that my doctor had prescribed. I started to bleed like a period on day 28 of cycle, and at the same time the HCG continued to rise as if a viable outcome was likely right through until day 4 of the period. when it disappeared within 36 hours. It is very clear to me the lack of Progesterone caused my lining to shed and consequently the implanted PGD embryo got wiped into oblivion. I am beyond devastated . at 43 there is no more next times.. Has anyone else suffered in this way? I suppose you could call this "Lack of Luteal phase support" my doctor dodged the question and did not deny this is the likely cause, and instead just said "you won't find anyway to get that answer" .. meanwhile.. my life is defined, my heat is broken, and they have taken $15k from me for good measure.. The clinic and nursing team did not clearly communicate with me my dosage for progesterone as i required maximum dose due to my age and irregular cycles. I would love to hear from anyone that has experienced HCG rising at the same time as having a period. I feel battered and bruised.

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    No experience with what you have been through. I just wanted to send love and support your way. Please be kind to yourself. You are in my thoughts

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    I'm so sorry to hear your story of struggles. Still I'm of no help here as my case differs. I've never experienced problems with luteal phase..But I know this failures' pain.
    I'm 40 yrs old, dh is 50. We'd previously tried out 3 iuis - all failed and OE IVFs - the same outcome.Finally turned to DE IVF overseas. (Made this decision primarily for more affordable prices). Besides we could choose the donor ourselves. Of course our doc was to have his last word, but their donor database turned out to be really huge..
    I also wanted to ask you for updates.
    Stay strong, all my positive thoughts going your way.


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