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    Default 5 year old bed wetting

    Hoping someone can please help.

    DD1 is five, turns six in November. Was toilet trained at just over two years old, day and night, and since then we've had only a handful of accidents.

    During the home schooling she started bed wetting, maybe every night for three nights, then be dry for three nights, then every other night, there was no real pattern but she was dry probably about 60% of nights. Some times it could be 1.30am and other times 5am.

    At the beginning of all this, after the third night straight we did a urine test for a UTI which was negative. She gets upset getting wet and having to shower in the early hours so I asked her if shed like to use some of DD2's nappies. She wanted to so we did that for a bit; they were more often dry than not so we stopped again and all was good.

    When I saw the GP to check for the UTI she said give her a week or so after she goes back to school as she suspected it would stop once things started to return to normal, and it did. She did really miss going to school and being home our routine was a bit all over the place.

    So all good until last Thursday and Friday she wee'd in her bed again, comes in all upset. Saturday we went and got her some proper pullups and every night since then she has been dry.

    This morning she came in and woke me up saying she didn't have her pull up on (she must have taken it off at some point) and was only a little bit wet - she made me feel her pjs and there was only a tiny, tiny dribble so I told her to go to the toilet. Next thing she appears again and she's fully wet herself. I asked her what happened and she said she went to the toilet and thought she had finished so wiped herself and pulled her pj's up, but then wet herself when she went to flush. Now I'm wondering if she actually went at all on the toilet and was just busting so had an accident, although it was by the flush. Is it possible to have a wee and think its all out but then its not? I didn't want to keep quizzing her as she was a bit sad.

    Has anyone else had this? I don't know what to do? The girl up the road is the same age and is bed wetting and one of my friends daughter at five started bed wetting. Is it normal?

    She had a few accidents at school when she started PP in Feb as the toilets were different and had spiders and webs in (is terrified of spiders) and a couple of accidents at gym for the same reason but it did seem to sort itself within a few weeks, although her first lesson back at gym last week she had an accident, but fine at this weeks lesson.

    She still seems her normal happy carefree self and although she is a sensitive child I wouldn't say she was overly anxious. I did find out a girl at school found out and has been teasing her saying we would get cross if she keep doing it which of course we don't, we have never ever got cross for that and never would.

    DH thinks its just a phase and we should ride it out which I am happy to do but is this common? I am a bit hesitant to drag her off the the dr in case it makes a 'thing' of it.

    Thank you so much for any advice.

    Also, it doesn't bother me her wetting, I just know that she hates it and I don't want it to affect her confidence.

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    What you're describing is secondary enuresis - basically a relapse in a child who was dry previously (for over 6 months)

    The cause is psychologically triggered - not necessarily a negative event but anything that causes a change in routine. It's common in her age group.

    But it's also physical in that the reflex needs to be 'retrained' in a similar way to how you first started toilet training. Sometimes, the issue disappears once routine goes back to normal but it isn't always the case. In most cases, kids go back to dry sooner than was the case when they first started training.

    Hope this helps a bit!

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    All of my kids wet the bed until they were 7, then miraculously stopped as if by magic. I dont even try now, I just buy pull ups, no pressure, no stress, (and no wet sheets) and just accept that it will stop when their little brains secrete enough antidiuretic hormone.
    There really isnt much to do until that happens.
    Try not to stress, it is a temporary thing.


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