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    Default Stopping at 2 ivf children

    Hi Ladies,

    DH and I are 29yo and have taken 6 IVF and 8 FET (incl. donor egg) cycles to conceive our 2yr old and baby due next month (and 2 miscarriages and 1 ectopic). My fertility issues are multi-faceted and I require quite a lot of hormonal support plus immune protocol for majority of pregnancy. We went to Greece for our donor egg baby due next month. We have two embryos left in Greece.

    We have always wanted 3 kids and planned to go back when baby #2 was 6-12months to give the last embryos a shot over two cycles.

    This pregnancy hasn’t been particularly easy (severe varicose veins, steroid dependency/adrenal insufficiency causing low blood pressure issues) and obviously our fertility journey has been long and challenging. I know most people in our position possibly wouldn’t have a second child, let alone be considering a third.

    We are questioning the health risks of being on medication for another two cycles plus pregnancy (if we were successful) and thinking maybe we should just be happy and grateful for our two little miracles and avoid the unnecessary stress of it all. But I still have this vision of three children. If we had no embryos left we wouldn’t consider doing a fresh donor cycle.

    I really want to have clarity before this bubs birth. I’m not the kind of person who can just see what happens/how we feel later. I want to have a plan- to either stop or try the last two.

    For those who were in a similar situation what did you do? And particularly for those who stopped, how did you come to acceptance?

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    Hello! Great to hear from someone of similar age/situation to my husband and I. I am 27 and hubby is 30 and we have almost 2 year old twins thanks to Dr Nikos at Embryoland.

    We have also always wanted 3 children and have the same thoughts and feelings as you (should we just be grateful to have the 2 miracles we have already?) I have decided that NO! We are allowed to decide to have a 3rd child if we wish, just as every couple who conceives naturally gets to decide to have a 3rd. The way our babies were conceived shouldn't factor in, as long as we are on the same page with our partners and willing to go the distance (Greece + IVF + more money spent).

    However, you also have your health issues to consider. So this is up to u and your partner to decide if u are willing to do what u need to do to have number 3.

    Can I ask what gender are your current 2 children? I constantly get told by everyone "a boy and a girl, you're done!" Lol. If only they knew my husband and I don't feel done!

    Also, i hear u with wanting to make the decision before the birth of your baby! I am very much the same! I NEED to know our decision to envision our future, and in your case enjoy the possibly last pregnancy, birth, baby experience etc. in case there isn't a 3rd child in the future.

    So, we decided to do a fresh cycle with our original donors in January and have 3 beautiful embryos waiting for us to transfer hopefully some time next year (fingers crossed we can travel overseas by then).

    All the best with your decision!

    P.S. 3 is a beautiful number 🥰💖


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