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She was not doing anything wrong, as I understand it she was walking with her son, with a sign on her, back to her car when they surrounded her, she did not have to provide her name, she had done nothing wrong, they then got heavy handed with her and she was asking them what she had done wrong, they wouldn’t give her an answer, they ripped him from her, then took them both to the police station and then they also questioned a 4 yr old boy without consent, and without any parent present. Many years ago women went to protests with their babies in prams for the suffragette movement and were treated like hero’s. My daughter is in the police force and I would be absolutely horrified if she would ever be any part of something like this.
I don’t agree with the way the police handled with situation but do want to point out that protesting without a permit is illegal. Well in Queensland at least. So even if she was abiding by COVID restrictions doesn’t mean that what she was doing was legal.