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    Default *Trigger Warning* Mother arrested during protest in Sydney and child removed by polic

    News reports that a mother was protesting against the Covid-19 lockdowns in Sydney, with her young child with her when she was arrested by police.

    Her child is crying and screaming. She is arrested for failing to move on when directed and failing to provide her details. Her son is taken by police.

    I found this footage and the story really confronting. A huge mix of emotions. Including anger. I’m just not sure where I’m directing my anger to.

    *Note that there are several versions of events on the web. Some in support of police, others claiming that police were heavy handed*

    It got me thinking about whether kids belong at protests? Does it depend on the protest? The level of risk?

    I’ve seen kids at plenty of protests in my younger days. I’ve always wondered whether they understand what they’re doing there. Is it educational?

    Does it change your view if participating in the protest is against the law (such as breaching social distancing laws currently) rather than a peaceful protest (like this seemed to be) during non social distancing conditions? Or is that the point of protesting? Standing up for what you believe in regardless of the law?

    What are your thoughts?

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