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    Default childcare communication is this reasonable .

    what would you call prompt communication with parents ?
    I feel that getting back to parents within an hour or two is prompt communication.
    MY childcare seems to think that they can block us coming to childcare for MANY MANY DAYS, despite a top pediatrictian clearing the child, to attend childcare,

    and that in the name of 'caution' they have blanket authority to do absolutely anything under the guise of caution. in other words they can block my child coming to childcare for many many days, while they take their merry time over many many days to consult and make a decision and get back to us about when our child can resume chilcare after being sick and trated and cleared by a top pediatrician to be fit for care.
    i dont feel that is ok. i feel caution means you consult and get back tp parents within an hour or two. i beleive its its taking many many days to get back to families about basic info then they are doing many other things over many many days and not taking seriously their responsiblily to promptly get back to parents with basic info.

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    Is this the same childcare that you had issues with surrounding your child, and dietary concerns and restrictions, but you hadn't had the correct action plans filled out - so staff had accurate documentation for your child's health issue and how to respond?
    You've had many complaints about the centre over the time you've been attending, right?

    You haven't really given any information we can respond to In your post.

    So generically: caution or not, YES. Centres CAN refuse your child attend IF they believe your child Is unwell, or contagious. They have a duty of care to everyone in the centre: other children, visitors and the staff themselves.

    Now, given the current circumstances with Covid19: centres HAVE to be overcautious.

    I feel the term "prompt" is relative to the situation. While a prompt response to an easy question could be received in an hour or 2 (e.g. my child has scarlet fever, can they attend tomorrow?" - it would be covered under the excision guidelines) a more complex health issue may require further information, contacting the education or health dependents and possibly awaiting returned contact from them..... Which would delay their response. They may have still responded to you as soon as they had the answers... Which even if it took 2 or 3 days is still "prompt" in that circumstance.

    However, given the lack of specifics in your post, we can't give you an accrual answer to your question.

    I would just say, if you're constantly having these issues, maybe this centre isn't a good fit for your family, and you might be better to look around at other centres who would better meet your needs .

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    I'm confused. What is this relating to? A sickness your child has? something you haven't completed? It makes it hard to give good feedback when you aren't specific about what the issue is.

    And I agree with Shadow. You seem to have a lot of issues with this daycare, might be time to find another one.
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    Well said shadowangel.


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