Hi all. I have a 13 month old whom I have always nursed to sleep because I could not get her to fall asleep any other way. However, in the past few months it has been more difficult to get her to fall asleep despite her obviously being tired. As I lie on the bed and let her nurse, she moves around a lot and cannot fall asleep easily at all.

In terms of sleep quality, she does wake a few times overnight but generally goes back to sleep easily after nursing. I do find that she is quite grumpy a lot of the time - indicating sleepiness - even though she might have had a decent nap or long sleep. She also seems to constantly look for the breast for comfort and this is a habit I don't want to encourage.

Given the difficulty we face with regard to sleep, and my suspicion that dependency on nursing is not very effective in helping her sleep. The comfort nursing does not seem to be a good habit to encourage because I'm not keen to be her human pacifier 24/7 (and I'm not sure why some people advocate comfort nursing).

I have tried sleep training her in the past (cry it out because settling strategies seemed to make her more upset) and it seemed to be effective. She fell asleep quite quickly after a few nights of sleep training and stayed asleep through the night. However, I wasn't consistent with it and she regressed. I don't really have the heart to sleep train her again but wonder if that is the best solution. I'm quite averse to nursing her at this stage. I suspect that "gentler" solutions to weaning might not be effective but I'm open to trying.

Sorry for the long post. If anyone has a similar experience to share in how they dealt with it, that would be much appreciated! ❤️