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    Quote Originally Posted by Thecrazycatlady View Post
    Hi sorry for jumping in but I am curious I am allergic to morphine and codeine like if I have either I will stop breathing. Can you have a c section with other drugs? Sorry for sounding dumb I had an induction with my DD so never had a c section by may if we have another.
    I had a pethadine drip after my 1st - hated it, any of that family of drugs makes me space out badly, so I have such patchy memories of those days.

    2nd the anethatist placed slow release morphine into my spinal block site at the time of birth (letting you know so that you remember to tell everyone who will listen about your allergy). After that I had endone, voltaren and tramadol on rotation. I stopped the tramadol as fast as I could as it made me feel sad (I know someone else who had that issue with voltaren). I knew to ask for panadol early on as well, as the first time they only started me on it when I was almost ready to go home.

    I had IV fentanyl after my recent endometrial ablation and didn't feel like it did a thing. Back on the ward and they finally gave me endone which is definitely my favourite pain reliever. It doesn't so much block the pain as make you not really worry that you're in pain, hard to describe. Doesn't impact my brain function in any noticeable way like the morphine family.

    I know it's an opiod, but I'm not sure if it would be close enough related to the morphine family of drugs to give you a reaction. In your shoes, I would do some research.

    All that said, the best drug I've found for pain blocking post CS is panadol! You still hurt like hell when it's time to move around, but for keeping the general hurt at a level so you can sleep/relax, it's great! Just make sure you hit the buzzer at 3hrs and 45 minutes to give them 15 minutes to get your next dose right on 4 hourly before it starts to wear off too much.

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