There is a very old lady who is 90 years old, who lives down my street. Amazingly still living in her own unit. She has a care worker who comes to vac her house, drop off her groceries and clean her bathroom once a week.

I've known her for 10 or so years but only to wave to, until mid last year (Pre-corona) when she said she'd love me to visit. I didnt for a while because I knew that if I started that it isnt really something I could just stop. I knew she'd come to rely on me visiting. I knew all her family lived interstate and only came and got her reluctantly at Christmas.

Eventually I decided I would so since about late December, I have been visiting her once or twice a week for a cup of tea and a chat. Sometimes I take my littlest baby who she adores.

Last time I was there, she said to me that she appreciates my visits so much, she loves me and (and this is heartbreaking) that I am the ONLY person who hugs her.

Now that social distancing has ramped up, I dont know what to do. I live in a rural town. There are NO confirmed cases of Coronavirus. I havent been anywhere, I havent been in any contact with anyone who is overseas or has been anywhere.

She is a bit deaf and cant hear on the phone so I cant just phone her.

I tried to talk to her about Coronavirus and her reply was "ah well, got to die of something!"

Do I still visit her?

And if not, how do I explain why I'm not? Bearing in mind she is 90 years old. I am her only visitor and the only one who hugs her.

It's kind of breaking my heart. I havent visited her yet this week. I usually go on a Thursday.