We are expecting our second bub in July, I admit I have put this off for a while.. 1. Too scared to buy anything because of prior losses 2. Didn’t want to deal with the inevitable.

I found the energy today to go and test out our current car seat in my car as I’m happy with the seat we have and would have loved to just get another of the same.

Tested behind my seat in lowest headrest rearward facing position touching my drivers seat even with making adjustments to drivers seat to the point where I could not adjust anymore or it would severely impact my driving ability.

Decided to test forward facing fits lovey behind my seat however DS who is 2 next month is still below the lowest marker so can’t go forward.


However my mum has a car seat in her car and asked me if she could turn DS forward as this is where he sits on the marker in her car seat.


I can’t seem to find anywhere that sells the car seat my mum has though :/

Does anyone know why he is so high on one seat and so low on another.. I was hoping to get a new seat for bub but might have to get a new seat for DS and use his current one for bub.

My car is tiny Ford Fiesta hatch 2007 5 door model if anyone has every fit two rear facing ones comfortably please tell me how you managed such magic!

Does anyone else have any suggestions for shorter rear depth seats they have fit in a small car?