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It’s exhorbitant what we’re all being charged!

I paid $8.99 for a small bottle of hand sanitiser at the Chemist the other day.
Broccoli was $16 a kg 2 weeks ago at my local food land. I’m sooooo glad I put my winter veggies in a month ago and doing more this weekend to space them out. I’ve peeled/cut up and zip locked bagged 2kg if carrots. My second fridge is sooooo full. I’ve got oranges and a couple whole watermelons in there plus cheese, eggs, butter.

I managed to get some flour this morning albeit the last pack on the shelf at 830am ! After it was restocked last night the worker I know told me.

My mum has stewed a heap of stone fruits and apples for me for the kids so that’s in the freezer aswell along with chips, peas, a couple roasts which I cut up for mini Rumps as it works out cheaper esp of lamb.

When I left woolies there was a family going out with 5 trolley loads of food, I mean seriously I could hear the Mum day give me back all the credit cards so I’ll assume they all went through seperately to get more of the limited products.

Even daycare have sent out an email last night saying they are having trouble getting their basic food such as pasta and rice from their supplier. Great so I’ll have to supply that now aswell for my kid to eat their lunch their