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    Default IVF Spain (Alicante) .... Take 2!

    Hi ladies,

    I posted my review of IVF Spain on Bub Hub not long after we had our little boy back in 2018.

    Here's a link for anyone wanting to read that review:


    I just thought I'd share - we went back for baby #2, transfer was the 2nd of March, I had my first beta today and we are pregnant!!! Again.... Yay!! I'm in shock and with good numbers!

    In all seriousness, I'm in awe, in utter shock.... and I love that we took a chance with IVF Spain as there were so many times we were going to give up but didn't.

    After all the many years of IVF we did to finally get our little boy is truly amazing and we are incredibly blessed to even have had the opportunity to do another transfer but to fall pregnant again is something truly amazing. I thought we used up all our luck getting our little boy.

    Nothing has changed in my review though in terms of my good points and bad points so I can't elaborate on those things further but I wanted to share this good news with like minded people who understand the enormity of a cycle and the planning that's involved and the longing to get a positive result

    Ves x

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